April, 2016 Performance Statement

4.16.16 Audio / performance collaboration with Peggy Pfenninger
High Water Mark, Portland, OR (click here for video clip)

Statement text by Peggy Pfenninger

Have we come a long way? Today women are still considered the inferior gender to many cultures around the globe. Women are more than vaginas, sex objects, breeders, housekeepers… Women are constantly judged because of their gender. Every day women battle the societal pressures and restraints placed upon them. Can she handle it, is she strong enough, is she too emotional, is she smart enough? There are also many phrases associated with the female gender which are meant as negative. You throw like a girl. Only girls cry. Don’t be a pussy. All of the injustices against women must stop. In the United States we have made great strides, however there are many hurdles yet to overcome. Women are strong, beautiful creatures whose light has been dimmed for far too long. Only when we completely extinguish gender inequality can women truly shine.

Please keep in mind, this is one item on a very long list of cruelties directed at people by other people. Let’s bring the Golden Rule to the forefront. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Seems simple.

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