Toll (2019/2020)

In 2019, I started the Toll drawings as a way to address my biggest concern: the human impact on Earth. Many people who try to defend nature are regularly murdered, and that news is underreported. This is a reflection of humanity’s predicament. We are focused on our immediate problems, and our leaders are focused on money, and maintaining their power. If we don’t bother to notice the death of the people who try to preserve the environment, how are we going to do anything about the death of our planet?

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The Toll artists’ book is available now, exclusively from No Mames Distro.

The images below are murdered environmental / rights defenders in the following order (full details in the book): Patrick Muhayirwa, Maria do Espírito Santo, Jöel Lunea, Jehry Rivera, and Vicente Cañas.

My Dark Hunger (2019)

“You really do frighten me now, for you’re really very close to me, enclosed within my state of rage, my dark hunger, my thrashing like some newborn creature” – From the poem “To Death: A Fragment” by Pier Paolo Pasolini

My Dark Hunger began thru drawing men’s faces in what could be seen as either distress or pleasure. I happened to be reading Enzo Siciliano’s biography of Pier Paolo Pasolini, noticed a connection, and pursued the sensation. While completing the work for the first exhibition, I revisited Pasolini’s films, and read a selection of his writings including the novel “A Violent Life.”

These works were exhibited at Azoth, Portland, OR, Ikigai Room, Bologna, Italy and Studio Co-Co, Rome, Italy.

The above India ink drawings were enlarged into hand-painted 45 x 36″ canvas pieces. The following photo is from the “My Dark Hunger” exhibition at Ikigai Room, Bologna, Italy in June of 2019.

Violent Society Artists’ Book (2018)

This publication is made up of two August, 1977 magazines, “Violent World” and “High Society” digitally collaged 50/50 by corresponding pages. Printed in a hand-numbered limited edition of 50 copies (SOLD OUT).

ABRAXUS Artists’ Book (2017)

“Abraxus begetteth truth and lying, good and evil, light and darkness in the same word and in the same act.” – Carl Jung

24 pages, full color, 10 x 7.75” size. Limited to 30 signed and numbered copies (SOLD OUT). Click here for text on this series.

Additional work in ARCHIVE.