After the Fall, All the Bars Will Be Closed 

(Click here to view image larger) Even before Covid, or the war in Ukraine, I came to the realization that humanity is doomed. In the book The Uninhabitable Earth, the author comes to the optimistic conclusion that there is hope for people to extend their ability to live on Earth through immediate radical government, and corporate […]


A selection of movies I currently own. *New / updated 7/31/22 DVD All the Colors of the Dark Blade Runner – Ultimate Edition Box Set Destricted The Devils (BFI version) Footprints (grey market DVD-R) The Giallo Collection (Who Saw Her Die? / Short Night of the Glass Dolls / The Bloodstained Shadow / The Case […]

Pyramid World

By Scott Candey Based on a story and drawings by Jonathan Canady (click here to view images larger) 2049 – Insulated from the repercussions of it’s unique hunger. Humanity isolates in towering pyramids scattered across the world. Two workers, in the art vault sector of pyramid Zed-43, talk. Ensconced in the obsolete sterile suits issued […]

Quaranzine / Public Collectors

In June of last year I contributed to my friend Marc Fischer’s Quaranzine series. In October the entire series was exhibited at The Innovative Media Research and Commercialization (IMRC) Center in Maine. A complete set of Quaranzine is part of several library collections, including those of The Museum of Modern Art (NY), The Met, and […]


My digital music release Present Shock (listen / purchase here on bandcamp) was made with the idea of simply capturing a random moment in time. The two tracks were recorded, edited, and released on October 2nd, 2020. The concept was the important thing, not the day itself. My approach was to record the two tracks […]


Statement: 1 & 2) Male 1) US soldiers serving honorably in the military. 2) US war atrocities (click for image). 3 & 4) Abstraction (drawing from photo – click for image) 3) Art at it’s most pure. 4) Art at it’s most empty. 5 & 6) Female (collage from Hustler and Portland Monthly Magazines) 5) […]


The ideas behind my Abraxus series first began forming when I lived in Philadelphia. Around 2008, or so, I was on the train to work, and ran across a folded sheet of very strange writing. The page was completely filled with frantic text, and highlighted with various colors. I found it fascinating. A few years […]


Selections from my current tangible library linked to Goodreads. ART Vienna Actionism by Eva Badura-Triska (Editor), Kerstin Barnick-braun, Herbert Klocker (Editor) Installation Art by Claire Bishop Ralph Eugene Meatyard by Guy Davenport Bruce Nauman – Raw Materials by Emma Dexter Marcel Duchamp by Anne d’Harnoncourt (Editor) The Century of Artists’ Books by Johanna Drucker Alina […]

April, 2016 Performance Statement

4.16.16 Audio / performance collaboration with Peggy PfenningerHigh Water Mark, Portland, OR (click here for video clip) Statement text by Peggy Pfenninger Have we come a long way? Today women are still considered the inferior gender to many cultures around the globe. Women are more than vaginas, sex objects, breeders, housekeepers… Women are constantly judged […]

Sequelae / S.L.S. Works

Before relocating to Portland, Oregon, riding through western Philadelphia on the elevated train was a regular part of my life. From those windows I could see decaying buildings and machinery, tangles of aging wire and seemingly endless arrays of outmoded TV antennae. These sights were simultaneously repulsive and beautiful to me. The term Sequelae is […]