Shadow Structure

9.15.22 – Insomnia drags up this idea of making “anti-music” as art. Possibly the only music I make from now on. The seed of this idea was planted by my friend / collaborator Derrick Spots (Purity of Essence) when we were commiserating about being “musicians.” That and around ten years ago I discovered the phrase “Shadow Structure” in a William S. Burroughs book. I thought it would make a good band name, so I squatted on this bandcamp page. Those sounds are from a recording session I did that was recorded by James Plotkin in Philadelphia in 2011 or so (the songs will finally see the light of day soon, but that isn’t anti-music now is it?). So what do I have in mind? Music that takes cues from various underground genres: DIY punk, root industrial, one-man black metal, no wave, home recorded experimental music, oddball favorites like SWANS, Factrix, my friends and former members of Wolf Eyes, etc. Perhaps no professionally manufactured releases or merch? No social media. No live performances. If an audience wants it, they get it directly from the artist. A Shadow of the Structure of the “music business.” I’m going to let the idea germinate and will add more here later (or this concept itself is my anti-music).