Shadow Structure

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3.27.23 – My new track “The Last Days” is now up on Bandcamp. The above photo was taken this morning. I’m kind of shocked the drawing came together so quickly.

2.20.23 – I finished recording the instruments for a new song today. I’d like to take some time on lyrics and vocals, so it may be a few weeks before it’s done.

I did use a track of my Leaning Tower of Springs (click here for more info) to add some additional texture. I bought this wonderful device from a local Portland experimental musician (now retired) in 2021.

One other thing I keep forgetting to mention, way back in 2013 I performed a live noise set under the name Shadow Structure. You can see the entire / extremely short set here: – BTW I found the phrase Shadow Structure in the William S. Burroughs book “Cities of the Red Night” if I am not mistaken.

1.22.23 – The latest song is up on bandcamp. I realized I had grabbed some LP print samples from work because they make great drawing surfaces. Fear not, I would never harm an Iron Maiden album. I’ve been a fan since I was 10.

1.1.23 – I did some work on new material this weekend. A new song has bass, guitar, and drum machine recorded. If I can get it wrapped up in a satisfying way it should be available on the Bandcamp page soon.

12.1.22 – I am currently reading “Re-Sisters: The Lives and Recordings Of Delia Derbyshire, Margery Kempe & Cosey Fanni Tutti” (it’s excellent) and ran into this quote:

“It’s not the fact that it’s done well that’s important, it’s the fact it was done at all.” – Delia Derbyshire

11.27.22 – I was happy to discover that the old Dead World guitar still works. My playing is weak, but the first full song has been recorded and posted on Bandcamp. This track is no masterpiece, but it’s a start. My hope to have two songs tracked and mixed this weekend was unrealistic. No matter, as I am tentatively thinking I will just post one song at a time as each is finished. Again, I’m trying to avoid as much standard music business behavior as possible. That also means I am not working on a schedule, but more material will be coming soon.

11.20.22 – I learned how to use the Tom Cat drum machine this weekend. It has a unique sound that I think will be really interesting with heavy / crunchy bass & guitar, quiet vocals, and a bit of electronics. I’m hoping to get two short songs recorded within a week. I am doing my best to have no expectations, and please no one but myself. This is the opposite of my disappointing experience with the project Diamond Cult over a decade ago (I am proud of this song though).

11.13.22 – I used this setup (minus baby) for a test run the other day. Sounds pretty vicious, even with no amp. The rust is knocked off my bass skills just enough. I will dig out my guitar and get a couple of preliminary tracks recorded soon.

10.16.22 – My tentative plan is to get two songs up on Bandcamp sometime next month. I just need to learn how to use this drum machine and work out the rust from my guitar / bass “skills.”

10.9.22 – This appears to be happening. It’s been on my mind a lot lately.

9.15.22 – Insomnia drags up this idea of making “anti-music” as art. Possibly the only music I make from now on. The seed of this idea was planted by my friend / collaborator Derrick Spotts (Purity of Essence) when we were commiserating about being “musicians.” That and around ten years ago I discovered the phrase “Shadow Structure” in a William S. Burroughs book. I thought it would make a good band name, so I squatted on this bandcamp page. Those sounds are from a recording session I did that was recorded by James Plotkin in Philadelphia in 2011 or so (that placeholder track has now been removed). So what do I have in mind? Music that takes cues from various underground genres: DIY punk, root industrial, one-man black metal, no wave, home recorded experimental music, oddball favorites like SWANS, Factrix, my friends and former members of Wolf Eyes, etc. Perhaps no professionally manufactured releases or merch? No social media. No live performances. If an audience wants it, they get it directly from the artist. A Shadow of the Structure of the “music business.” I’m going to let the idea germinate and will add more here later (or this concept itself is my anti-music).