ABRAXUS Artists’ Book (2017)

“Abraxus begetteth truth and lying, good and evil, light and darkness in the same word and in the same act.” – Carl Jung

24 pages, full color, 10 x 7.75” size. Limited to 30 signed and numbered copies (SOLD OUT). Click here for text on this series.

Ten Faces of Us (2015 / 2016)

An artists’ book of this series was published in 2016 (SOLD OUT). Click here for statement and additional text.

Sequelae / S.L.S. Works (2013 / 2014)

Click here for statement.

Resignation (2014)

These pieces are digital collages of india ink drawings, and cell phone images of an early video artwork of mine. Both sets of works were done during my last days at my job in Philadelphia before I relocated to Portland, Oregon.

Resignation from a job as well as resignation with my past and what seems like a leap into the void of what will be my new life.

These images were all produced as signed and numbered digital photo prints in a limited edition of five (plus one AP). For more information on print availability please contact me directly.

Basement (2012 / 2013)

Basement was a six-month project (November 2012 – April 2013) where I went down into an uncomfortable place and created interrelated drawings, music and video.

My initial idea was to simply force myself to work, in the basement of my home, in a way that used all three disciplines and was revealing of my process. I did not intend to stray far from the art I was creating at the time. However, over the course of the six months, I found myself pushing the boundaries of my creativity, and sanity, in order to finish with my most individualistic body of work yet.

The end result was six drawings and six video art / documents (each with an original experimental music soundtrack). I intended on completing an edition of toolbox sets but only one was produced. Edits of two videos can be viewed here.